If you ever wonder how to deploy and configure Active Directory Domain Services from scratch then this is the perfect guide for you. I will walk you through a complete Active Directory deployment with clear instructions and screenshots.

We will start by installing Active Directory and then move forward by adding second domain controller in the same forest. We will configure RODC, New Forests, Forest and Domain Trusts etc.

Contents at a glance

  1. How to Install Active Directory Domain Services 2016 and how to add second DC
  2. How to Install and configure Read-Only Domain Controller (RODC) 2016
  3. Create and Manage Users, Groups and organizational units (OU)
  4. Operations Master Roles (FSMO) / Understanding AD Functional Levels
  5. Global Catalog & Universal group membership caching
  6. Active Directory Sites and Services
  7. Active Directory Domains and Trusts – (Part 1)
  8. Active Directory Domains and Trusts – (Part 2)
  9. Group Policy Object (GPO) – (Part 1)
  10. Group Policy Object (GPO) – (Part 2)
  11. Group Policy Object (GPO) – (Part 1)