In the last part we configured RDS using Quick Start option. This time we will choose Standard Deployment and install RDS roles on 3 different servers. Standard Deployment Type is the best practice deployment and you would choose this deployment type in the production environment.


RDSH01 – RD Session Host Server

RDWA01 – Web Access Server

RDCB01 – RD Connection Broker Server

I will run the Standard Deployment on RDCB01, which is going to be my Connection Broker. Because we’re going to be spreading the roles across multiple servers, we need to be able to see those servers in order to install roles.

Let’s go over to Server Manager (RDCB01) and right-click on All Servers and choose Add Servers.


I am going to add RDSH01 and RDWA01. Click OK


Once done, click on Manage and select Add Roles.

Before you Begin page will pop-up. Click Next.

On Select Installation Type page, click Remote Desktop Services Installation and click next


On Deployment Type page, select Standard Deployment and click next


On Deployment Scenario page, select Session-based desktop deployment and click next


On Review Role Services page, click next. Now we need to choose which server is going to be the Connection Broker, Web Access and Session Host. On First screen choose RDCB01 and add it and click next.


Now add Web Access and on the last page add Session Host.



On Confirmation page, We have to agree to Restart the destination server so when we do that we will enable the Deploy button. Click Deploy to install the roles.


We can see that all three of the roles are installed successfully. Click Close


Click on remote Dektop Services and take a look at what happened. If I scroll to the right, I can see my deployment servers, just like with the Quick Start, but now the roles are spread out across 3 different server.



Notice that we don’t have anything under Collections.


With Standard Deployment type we have to make our own collections, publish apps etc.

In second part of the Remote Desktop Services 2016, Standard Deployment series we will move forward and create new collection and talk about Collection Properties.

Stay Tuned!