FindTime is an Outlook add-in which you can use to schedule meetings. Great thing about it is it allows invitees to vote on suggested meeting times so you can easily see what time fits best and invitees don’t need to have FindTime installed to vote on meeting times. You can send emails to people using Gmail or similar email providers.

If you would like to use this you will need to have Office 365 account. Supported clients are:

  • Outlook 2013
  • Outlook 2016
  • Outlook on the Web (OWA)
  • Outlook for Mac


There are couple of options when it comes to installation of FindTime. You can install it for the whole tenant (all users) or you can install it only for one user just to test the add-in.

1) Install FindTime in Outlook.

Start Outlook and on the Home tab click on Get-Add-ins

2019-08-02 10_38_24-Window.png

In the Search type in FindTime. click on it and add it.

2019-08-02 10_39_59-Window.png

2) Second option is to browse to FindTime home page and install it from there.


2019-08-02 10_41_56-FindTime – The easiest way to schedule across companies.png

3) Third Option is to enable it for all users in EAC. Click on Organization –> Add-ins and + sign. here you can choose from which source you would like to add it.

2019-08-02 10_43_34-Window.png

When you add it, it will be disabled by default. You can click on the pen to enable it.

2019-08-02 10_46_04-Window.png

We have 3 options here and Optional, disabled by deafult is the default setting. You can change this to be Mandatory or you can enable it as optional.

2019-08-02 10_47_13-Window.png


When you add FindTime add-in for the first time you will have to link FindTime to your office 365 account. When you click on the new E-mail in outlook you will see New Meeting Poll.

2019-08-02 10_52_24-Window.png

You will see Welcome Pop-up with the option to link your account. Click on Link Now

2019-08-02 10_53_34-Window.png

New window will pop-up where you need to specify office 365 password.

2019-08-02 12_20_05-Window.png

Once done, you will be able to use it. First step is to add attendees. I will add a user with Office 365 account and a user with hotmail account. Next you can change Duration, Work Hours and the Time Zone. Once done, you can go and pick a few times. Click Next

2019-08-02 11_02_14-Window.png

Here you can enter a location and change Meeting Setting. Click on Insert to Email.

2019-08-02 11_05_36-Window.png

Your invitation will be inserted into email message.

2019-08-02 11_07_28-Window.png

When a user receives this, it will look like this. User needs to click on Select Options to pick a time.

2019-08-02 11_10_07-Window.png

When a user clicks on Select Options, the next step will be identification. Here will be the list of all users that you sent notification to. That what user needs to do is to just click on its name.

2019-08-02 11_12_36-Window.png

Once done, users will see a visual summary of voting to date helping them make the best choice. Here you have option to let everyone know when your favorite time is. Click on Submit when you are done.

2019-08-02 11_21_28-Window.png

2019-08-02 11_23_07-Window.png

You will receive an email every time a user vote and you will see the result.

2019-08-02 11_26_52-Window.png

When all users add their votes you will receive an email where you can review voting and the meeting will be scheduled.

2019-08-02 11_28_33-Window.png

Open Outlook –> Calendar and you will see the meeting.

2019-08-02 11_32_51-Window.png

If you cannot participate you will have option to cancel the meeting and to send notification to all attendees.

I hope this has been informative for you.

Stay Tuned!